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NOTE: If applicable, please bring a copy of your FAA Special Issuance letter with you to your appointment. If you do not do so this may delay the process of obtaining your medical certification. Bring ALL medical documentation needed for your certification to your appointment. An additional charge will be applied if we are required to assist in obtaining this information.

If the appointment time you are needing is unavailable please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Scheduling Instructions

  • Complete FAA required online MedXpress application at FAA MedXPress
  • Print and bring a copy of completed application to your exam
  • Use the arrows to switch weeks and find AVAILABLE times
  • Select AVAILABLE appointment from schedule
  • You will receive an email confirmation of date and time of appointment
    (Check “junk/trash” email box if not promptly received)
  • NOTE: If you are scheduling an HIMS visit, please use the Contact Us form instead of this calendar
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